Meet the Bikers/Authors

Who are these crazy bikers?

Alisa Hoven lives in Minneapolis and can be found sitting under a tree reading or embracing her newfound interest in writing.  She enjoys taking time to explore her passions while seeking a life outside conventional employment.

Sarah Pesola also lives in Minneapolis and rides her bike along the Mississippi River to work every day.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family and is always looking for a new adventure.

Betsy Popelka is enjoying being back in the Midwest and exploring Milwaukee by bicycle.  She is appreciating her proximity to her hometown while discovering unique city experiences and creating whimsical art pieces.

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  1. ALISA! I love you. This sounds like a lot of fun, I am jealous. Have a great time and hopefully I will see you someday soon again. 😀

  2. I think I know one of your Aunts from a farmers market in CT. She said to check you out. Good luck, I’ll keep reading up on you guys. Margaret

  3. What you guys are doing is so cool! Love you Alisa!

  4. Hi there God-Daughter, Are ya having fun yet?
    Do it while your young beacuse you get old fast
    I hope you’s stay safe and the lord is always
    there. Thinking about you!

    Love, Cheryl

  5. it was great to hear from you, alisa. .. i am so
    proud and excited about this trip, for all three of you.. it’s amazing.. and i am checking this site often and thinking about you even more..
    ..keep up w/the photos.. love to see them.
    here’s a hug after all:

    love, auntie barbie
    ps….just remember pedal power!! full speed will make it!!!

  6. I’ m really enjoying following your trip. I even
    check the weather each day in the paper to see
    how your day would be. I hoped yesterday was
    only cloudy. Soon you will have a few days
    rest. I have also noticed you will be going to
    Quincy Ill. Wayne says Hannibal Mo. is near.
    There is a Mark Twain Museum there. Also he
    says the bridge in Hannibal, on the Ill. side is
    where he slept in 1976 when he was hitch hiking
    across the USA. Marilyn

  7. Hi all of you! I only know Sarah, but we are wishing and praying for you a wonderful and safe journey. No, we don’t think you are crazy – it should be a wonderful venture. As another of your respondents said, “Do it while you’re young!” …I’ve not done much biking in my life, but have done lots of hiking and mt. climbing (incl. Kilimanjaro, Whitney, Meru and a few others) plus walking on Appalachian Trail for 90 miles and your journey, like all of those for me, will provide great lifetime memories. All the best!
    (We miss you, Sarah!) – Lois Okerstrom

  8. What a wonderful experience it was to meet these great young ladies. They are on a once in a lifetime adventure and are doing great at it. I hope they keep up the good riding. They looked like they were ready for a week away from constant riding and hard bicycle seats. Keep the plastic side up, and thanks for enhancing a all ready beautiful day. May our Lord keep you safe and always rolling forward.

  9. Thanks for posting your thoughts and all your concerns, we have three amazing girls here, keep them in your prayers. Bonita P.S. Marilyn, I did’nt know Wayne hitch hiked the USA!!! Wow!!! he has a great adventure experience under his belt too. Love Ya

  10. Hi Alisa and Friends, Hope all is well. I think of the
    three of you all the time having a great time. Your
    Mom has had some good trips when she was young, not that your getting old Bonnita! Take
    care of yourselfs and keep on biking Ha Ha! Love

  11. Hello Sarah and company. We just wanted to say hi and let you know that we have been following your progress. We are amazed. We have so much fun reading about your adventures.

    We wish the best of luck as you finish your journey upon Sarah’s return.

    Minnesota Orthopaedic Specialists

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