Meet the Bicycles

Well, it’s time you get acquainted with our bicycles.  Our bicycles have been shaped by the bumps in the roads of our journey.  Yes, our bicycles have begun their transformation from cold metal machines to our daily life support.

Here is a profile on the beautiful women-powered machines we are using to get us down the Mississippi.

Green Dream (Alisa)

Bridgestone Mountain Bike: This bike was a gift from bike heaven.  My buddy from work, Phil, found it on craigslist for free.  He snagged it and told me I could have it and that it would be perfect for a tour, but just needed a little work.  Luckily, Karl, was willing to help make this happen.  We worked together to transform the bike into a touring bike.  Some work done includes new road bars, stem, and brake levers, replacement of a few parts, a full overhaul, and adjustments to brakes and derrailer.  It runs smooth and is real fast.  It tends to weigh a little more than the road and hybrid, but can take any bump without much of a rattle.  It hasn’t given off any cranky vibes, but I know with each mile, it gets as tired as I do.

Silver Bullet (Sarah):

Bianchi Avenue:  This is Silver Bullet’s third long bike ride.  She was purchased just before our 2007 ride from Jackson, MS to New Orleans.  After that, she completed the MS 150, and is now doing great on this ride so far.  She got new tires before this ride, and needed a little brake and derraileur adjustment.  She is a hybrid so not quite as fast as the other two bikes, but very comfortable and fun to ride.

Babe the Blue Ox (Betsy):

Bianchi Eros:  After 2+ months of searching, Babe the Blue Ox and I finally found eachother!  I searched bike shop after bike shop looking for the perfect fit, but everyone I spoke to told me I would have a very difficult time finding a used road bike or hybrid for my size.  I took to checking Craigslist daily for my perfect bike, and eventually decided to take matters into my own hands and post a want ad.  Jinny came to my rescue and sold me a touring bike that actually fit me!  I was ecstatic to be riding such a lightweight speedy bike that did, indeed, make me look sexy. 🙂  My riding days have been quite smooth and carefree ever since I bought the ox, with minor adjustments to the derailler, headset, and a new set of tires.  Babe enjoys ice cream, long rides along the Mississippi, and the color blue.


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