Parental Concerns

Ok, so we know all you parents and relatives are real concerned about our journey.  We recognize this and want to provide a space for you to relieve your concerns.  Others will feel less alone and you’ll feel like you have gotten it off your chest.  Post away, share in eachother’s anxiety and stress, and feel comforted that we have a strong network of people who support us.



  1. Sarah, Alisa, Betsy,

    We pray for your continued safe journey and check regularly for your updates.


    Dave & Cathy Pesola

  2. Dave and Cathy,
    I am praying for you… just like Sarah asked me to! 😉

    Sarah, Alisa, and Betsy,
    You guys are awesome! Be safe! I bet you’ll have great butts when this is over! Dang! LOL
    Love ya,

  3. Renee,

    Thank you for your prayers. We’ll let you know in a couple of months how they worked.

    Sarah, Alisa and Betsy,

    Glad to hear things are going well.
    Prayers for continued safe journey.

    Love, Dave and Cathy

  4. I get honked at all the time when I’m out on my bike. Just try to get clear as fast as possible. don’t hesitate to call the cops if you feel you need to. Another good thing to do is to always give a friendly wave to those who let you have the right of way. Usually it makes their day and makes them more receptive to bicycles in the future.

  5. May the Lord protect each of you; Alisa, Sarah and Betsy. May He keep you strong and healthy during the whole trip and reveal Himself to you especially through the nature around you and in the beauty of the river.
    In Jesus name Amen.

  6. Glad you arrived safe and sound at your first farm. It sounds like you are coming across some nice folks along the way. We as parents certainly appreciate the kindness everyone is extending to you girls! I hope you will have a chance to rest up in the next few days. Keep the nice updates coming! We enjoy following your adventures.
    Take care,

    Sarah’s Dad

  7. Hi Girls,

    I am Sarah’s Aunt Shirley and I have been following the updates each day. I think you are a brave threesome and you are in my prayers. Just be careful as you travel down along the river. It sounds like you have lots of friends along the way. It is an experience of a lifetime! May the Lord be with you. Love, Shirley

  8. Dave and Cathy,
    I’m also praying for you per Sarah’s request – also praying for her and her friends! You have an awesome daughter!
    Christine (Smith) Cappetta

  9. Hi Everyone,

    As you know, we had some sad times this past week. Sarah’s Grandfather was laid to rest yesterday, and it was a real blessing for us to be able to have Sarah here for the funeral. Her Grandfather was a major part of her life, and she spoke at the funeral of her memories of him. Her words were uplifting and helped everyone cope with their sorrow.
    Words cannot expess our thanks for all everyone has done for Sarah during this time and also for all three of the girls during this entire trip of theirs.
    You are all wonderful! Betsy and Alisa, thank you for your support for Sarah and your willingness to alter your plans. You are great!
    Tomorrow, we will again say goodbye to Sarah as she returns to you for the remainder of your adventure.
    Again, thanks to you all for your support and prayers and may God bless you all!

    Dave and Cathy Pesola and Family

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