Order Our Book!

Read our 263 page book– part travel memoir, instruction manual and photo journal, it is a collection of the stories we heard and were a part of.  Quirky at times, rambling at its worst, we tried to give credibility to all whom we met and all that we learned.

If you want buy to our book (or know someone who wants to), we have plenty of extra copies after our two book release parties.  Just email revriverriders@gmail.com with your contact info and one of us will get it to you.  They are $13.

You can also order our book online at the following web address (although we have plenty on hand we’d like to sell first):




  1. Hi girls, hope you have made it to Spring Lake Park in one piece.We really look forward to following your journey and remember to always keep your eyes ahead of your work and right turns only…hehe!

  2. It was so great meeting you all. I talk about you all the time to mommy and daddy. I think you are really cool and love your bikes!!!! We are watching and wishing you the best of luck, the most fun and a safe trip. Thank you for letting me help you with your bikes.

  3. Am looking forward to meeting you in Minneapolis on the 23rd. What a thrill to get a signed copy of your book. Congratulations on the great epic accomplishment.


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