What the heck are we doing?

Joining together on an adventure traveling down the great Mississippi River with three radical and inspired young women:

We plan to pedal the length of the entire Mississippi River, from the headwaters in Minnesota to the very end in New Orleans, Louisiana. We will average 50 miles a day on our bicycles, with plans of exploring the many communities along the river that we pass through and stop at each night. In each place we stop, we will learn what the Mississippi River means to the people who live there, thereby seeing how this vein of water connects us. We will stay with three organic farms for a week each in Iowa, Missouri and Louisiana. We hope to learn the ways of cultivating and harvesting what the earth yields. To learn more about the farms and families we will stay with, check out their websites: http://www.grassfedrecipes.com/personal-contact.html or http://www.globe-hoppers.com/index.html and http://familyfriendlyfarm.com//

Our final stay will be in New Orleans, where we will debrief our journey, put together our stories and move forward with our chronicle. We will also spend one week volunteering with a non-profit organization, Lower Nine, which works directly with residents in the Lower Ninth Ward. Check out their website to see what incredible work they are committed to: http://www.lowernine.org/. We will help in the process of rebuilding the city and learn about sustainable city programs.

As this adventure will provide life experiences and challenges, we will create a chronicle of our journey, using several different artistic media. These will include photography, story telling, painting, collage, poetry, and music in an effort to share with others what we will learn along the river. With this journey and chronicle, we hope to find inspiration in communities and the people we meet, become familiar with the ways of sustainable living, including farming and cycling, explore our relationship with the earth and discover the interconnectedness of all of these things.


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