Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?

We all attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN which is located just on the banks of the Mississippi River. This incredible natural feature of our urban experience is often overlooked for those who live near the northern end. Adding to our brief exploration of the river through our urban lens, we will come to know the daily impact of the river for those who live on the southern end. Our desire is to learn of both experiences and everything in between.

What matters to us?

There are a number of issues that we are all invested in and passionate about. We care about the earth, our bodies, our minds, and generating community that builds power and change. The earth is our home and we desire to be responsible stewards. One way we do this is by not owning a car in this oil-crazed nation, but by riding our bicycles everyday. With this journey down the river, we will learn how the bicycle really can provide a viable alternative to owning or driving a car. We care about what we put into our bodies. We desire to know the journey our food takes, from the farmer to the plate. We hope to explore this journey as we stay with organic farmers along the river. We care about what we put into our minds. We try to see through many lenses and perspectives, allowing us to be both challenged and encouraged. We hope to nurture our minds by hearing stories along the river. We believe in the power of people and a collective perspective. We hope to learn how communities along the river subscribe to this community lifestyle as well as seeing three women grow together as they pedal each mile alongside one another.



  1. Hi girls,
    Dave Ward my cousin sent me this website and I checked it out. I’m impressed with your journey not many people have the courage to explore like the three of you and I think it’s super cool you are doing this.
    Enjoy and be safe,
    Carrie Wanninger

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